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Global Impact.

For a life in dignity.


We are committed to empowering people in structurally disadvantaged regions to live a life of dignity and a strong emotional and social environment. Our area of impact is dignified work and inner health.

10. March 2022

Our commitment to global sustainability

In 2016, the UN formulated the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Many governments have endorsed these 2030 goals. Passion to Grow is committed to SDG 3 "Good Health and Well-Being" and SDG 8 "Decent Work"

Welcome to the homepage of Passion to Grow GmbH

Passion to Grow GmbH was founded in 2019 as an impact investment.

Passion to Grow stands for growth and sustainability. Often, hurdles have to be cleared out of the way to achieve this.

It is our passion to see people grow and moving forward. Passion to Grow is committed to sustainable growth in three areas. We do this in the "Practice for Psychotherapy (HPG)" and in the "Automotive Services" division.

Our third focus is "Global Impact". We use our potential to support people in structurally disadvantaged regions through impact investment. This investment enables people to find dignified work. In Asia, we are involved in the training of counselors. Our trainees work in the areas of social work, pastoral care, professional counseling, first responders in crises, and so on. Their work promotes stability in families and their communities. This commitment aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Achim Gerber

+49 (0)7121 1361636

General Manager Passion to Grow GmbH
General Manager P2Gcn (昆明星慧商务信息咨询有限公司)
CEO Knüvener Mackert China (KM楷迈德)

  • intacs Principal Assessor Automotive SPICE

Private Practice for Mental Health Counseling

Steffi Gerber

+49 (0)7121 1361638

  • Mental Health Counselor, MA (PAU)
  • EMDR Trauma-Therapeut (VDH/DGMT)
  • Heilpraktikerin (Psychotherapie)